Machine Details
InKids - Portable Ultrasound Stadiometer Growth Management App
Machine Description:

InKids measures height by using ultrasonic waves

Machine Feature:

Quick and Easy Height measurement

 Ultrasound sensor measures your Kid's height in second by pressing the InKids button













Indoor temperature and humidity level check up

As soon as InKids is on, indoor temperature and humidity are measured for pleasant environment


Variety of Colors

 InKids offered with Grey, Pink, Blue, and Green colors that kids favor.


InKids App

Growth report - watch your kids' growth progress at a glance on the 'Growth Report' tab

  • Growth development - Grasp your kids' average growth curve and BMI (Body Mass Index) easily on the Growth Development tab.


Design that fits one hand

 Handy triangular shape not only to hold easily, also to place it anywhere horizontally.

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