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Skindesign Booster
Product Description:

·                           infusion of radical scavengers and minerals

·      skin and vessel protection

·      counteracts environmentally-caused skin aging process

·      ideal for every skin – even sensitive skin and couperose

·      intensive course against wrinkles together with Facedesign Mask & Neckdesign Mask

·      contains no oils, parabens, colorings

Active Agents:     Mineral manganese complex, oligomere procyanidin (from the grapevine)

Mode of Action   This liquid activator has been specially developed for the activation of the Facedesign and Neckdesign Masks.

The Skindesign Booster supplies the skin with important trace elements and gives your skin a high concentration of effective radical scavengers. The hydrophilic fluid has an anti-oxidative effect, protecting and stabilizing the skin and vessels. The specially prepared manganese stimulates microcirculation of the skin and optimizes the supply of the cells with active substances, just like the chosen minerals of the Facedesign and Neckdesign Masks.

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