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No.1 Hydro Infuse Elixir
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   for optimum moisture balance

·      ultra plumping effect & hydro infusion

·      ideal for extremely dehydrated skin

Active Agents      Bambara peanut extract, aqua boost, hydro syn

Effect:                  Infusion of moisture into the skin. The elixir immediately balances deficits of moisture and increases at the same time the binding capabilities for moisture as well as the water support capabilities. The botanic filagrin booster stimulates the binding of the messenger molecules of the skins own NMFs (filagrin) and increases the hydration capacity of the skin. The epidermal differentiation is increased. Synergistically a messenger molecule of hyaluronic acid (acetylated hyaluronic acid booster) is effective by penetrating into the skin as a small molecule and stimulates the production of the skins own hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts.

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