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No.2 Contour Elixir
Product Description:

Highlight             ·   improved skin thickness and firmness

·      regeneration of functional interlocking of the skin

·      ideal for limp skin with contour loss

Active Agents:     Skin Tensor, tetrapeptide 11, hexapeptide-10

Effect:                  The Contour Elixir enhances tetrapeptide—11, due to the synthesis of syndecan-1 and stimulates the correct interlocking of the epidermis and dermis. It gives the skin more firmness, in which the collagen XVII production is stimulated, letting the cohesion of epidermis and the dermo-epidermal junction zone (DEJ) improve. The highly active tetrapeptide firms the skin and smoothes the complexion. Hexapeptide-10 has an effect on the keratinocytes as well as the fibroblasts. It stimulates the synthesis of laminin 3, the expression of alpha 6 integrin and hemidesmosomes. The skin thickness and mechanical interlocking of the skin is optimized.

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