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No.5 Red-Ex Elixir
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   calming and balancing

·      reduces irritation and itching

·      ideal for stressed and hyper-sensitive skin

Active Agents:     Cap restore complex, senso stop, wild indigo (tephrosia purpurea)

Effect:                  The active agent tephrosia purpurea belongs to the group of neuro-cosmetics and verifiably stimulates the beta-endorphin synthesis of the skin. The opiate-similar endorphine causes the feeling of well-being and relaxes stressed skin. Subjective irritation and itching is reduced. Additionally further active agents reduce redness by improving micro-circulation as well as the stability of the capillaries and counteract a plethora. The multi complex cap restore of trace elements neutralizes free radicals, has a strong anti-oxidative effect and is anti-inflammatory.

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