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Purifying Gel- Lipid Regulation
Product Description:

Cleansing gel especially for oily skin. Mild tensides thoroughly clean skin, remove excess sebum

and regulate unwanted oily shine.

Simultaneously optimises skin flora, reducing impurities and preventing them from reappearing.

Immediately after cleansing your reflection will show finer pores and a clearer, matte complexion.

Also ideal for late acne.

 Removes unwanted shiny skin and creates a matted appearance - without dehydrating 

 prevents impurities for a radiant and clear complexion 

 your reflection will show the refined skin texture already after the cleansing

 gives suppleness and makes your skin feel clean and pure, perfect for acne tarda,


  cleansing with mild tensides, no alcohol 

 stabilizes the skin flora

 refines pores

 regulates irritations and acts anti inflammatory



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