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Peptide Line Lift Mask
Product Description:

 Rich firming mask for activating the cells peptide power on another level for smoother and firmer skin.

Increases vitality and improves skin texture creates the perfect connective tissue elasticity, firmness and density

Makes the skin more resilient and noticeably supple  protects the skin barrier and prevents inflammations  deep, quick and efficient active ingredients penetration    
 Regeneration with fivefold peptide power, optimized collagen structure and maintained functionality
Designed with special lipids and an innovative moisture penetration complex  the high omega 3 fatty acids and ceramides content, innovative transport technology   for smoother and firmer skin, has a marvelous anti wrinkle effect ,   moisturizes the skin brilliantly   perfectly refitting, even in cold climate and dry skin   feels great on the skin and has a beautiful consistency    firms the skin under the eyes                        

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