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Mild, surfactant substances form extremely fine-pored foam and remove gently grease and unwanted substances from the skin surface. A newly developed peptide composition prevents the skin from becoming horny, whereby the bonds the so-called desmosomes between the horny cells are regulated (biomimetic peeling effect). Horny cells loosen themselves easier from their bonds and scale off regularly.

* infusion of radical scavengers and minerals * skin and vessel protection * counteracts environmentally-caused skin aging process * ideal for every skin even sensitive skin and couperose * intensive course against wrinkles together with Facedesign Mask & Neckdesign Mask * contains no oils, parabens, colorings

* unique plant matrix for skin rejuvenation * refined composition from brown algae extract * turbo-effect for continuous smoothness of wrinkles * gives an improved contour and firms the skin * supplies the skin with valuable minerals * highly skin compatible

* precious active agent concentrate based on pure hyaluronic acid * individual composition for specific needs of the skin * every serum is unique

* express treatment for optimal contouring with immediate effects * activates the renewal of ECM * reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles in just a few minutes * the "must have for a special occasion

* smoothing high performance care for the neck and decollete * for more and functionally improved collagen * brings firmness and volume from the essential cell boost factor * refines the skin surface * energizes and increases cell metabolism * high-quality peptides strengthen skin tone and firmness * for contours, newly defined

* regenerating high performance care for the night * collagen booster, which improves the quality and structure of collagen * strengthens the natural regeneration phase during sleep * energizes cell metabolism * DMS and omega-3 fatty acids stabilize the barrier function * for a beautiful awakening with smooth, vitalized skin

The exquisite composition of DMS, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids restructure the horny layer, where the skin barrier is stabilized and built-up again. The bipolar lipids can build membranes themselves and can be integrated in the natural membrane layers of the horny layer. The omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and this helps the reduction of any itching, skin irritation and flaky skin. The moisture binding capability and the s

Clear eye factor contains a completely new approach to fight off unwanted eye rings: the active agents directly activate the break-down of blood pigments and the system of blood cleansing in which the distribution of a skin enzyme is stimulated, which is mainly involved in the degradation of bilirubin (end break-down product of haemoglobin). At the same time pigmentation residues are broken down and eliminated by means of a chemical complex.

So that every skin receives its individual special care, REVIDERM has developed the idea of the Individual Serum. After carrying out the professional skin analysis in your beauty clinic, the Individual Serum can be composed for the specific customer by adding precious essences. Therefore every concentrate is unique. The following essences for different indications are available: Hydro Infuse, Contour, Un-Wrinkle, Anti-Ox and Red-Ex.

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